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„One Belt One Road” Cycling Tournament of Qinghai Lake-Hungary: the Victory of Márton Solymosi in Hatvan

The participants of the „One Belt One Road” Cycling Tournament of Qinghai Lake cycling competition were to race on a 135.3 km route between the cities of Budapest and Hatvan. The triumph was finally claimed by Márton Solymosi (Epronex-BSS Oil Team), followed by his team mates Ádám Pápai (Epronex-BSS Oil Team) and Gergő Gönczy (Epronex-BSS Oil Team).

Date: May 4, 2019
Photo by Zoltán Vanik

The first Qinghai Lake cycling race held between Budapest and Hatvan took its start at 9:00 sharp on 4 May from in front of Asia Center. Athletes from five nations presented themselves at the start line. Despite the gloomy and rainy weather, attacks began already at the moment of the real start. The first rider to attempt a break-away was Márton Solymosi (Epronex-BSS Oil Team), then the bunch kept on pulsating until, at the second Galgamácsa climb, a group of four riders, Csaba Pályi (Epronex-BSS Oil Team), Ádám Pápai (Epronex-BSS Oil Team), Márk Zathureczky (Gesu Bikewear) and a Slovakian rider from team Spartak Tlmace, managed to escape.

The breakaways reached a maximum advantage of one minute on the main bunch. In the meantime, riders of the Czech Forman Cinelli squad were able to control the peloton, and as a result they could catch the leaders.

Photo by Zoltán Vanik

Photo by Zoltán Vanik

Of course, the race didn’t become any calmer after this. Márton Solymosi, who competed very actively during the whole race, was finally able to break away after numerous trials, in a very short time building up a twenty-second gap on the peloton. His advantage lasted until the finish, so finally he triumphed in the race, while his team mates Ádám Pápai and Gergő Gönczy (both Epronex-BSS Oil Team) arrived in the 2nd and 3rd position.

Photo by Zoltán Vanik

Photo by Zoltán Vanik

I needed this victory badly”, said Márton „Bukta” Solymosi after the race, „the rainy weather made the circumstances of the race quite difficult, but it was the same for everyone. I’m extremely grateful for my team for their support, without them I couldn’t have come in first. It was extraordinary team work, in which everybody knew his task. This triumph means a lot for us as a team, since we were successful in the international peloton of a greatly organised race.”

Photo by Zoltán Vanik

Photo by Zoltán Vanik


„One Belt One Road” Cycling Tournament of Qinghai Lake-Hungary, Budapest–Hatvan (135,3 km):

  1. Márton Solymosi, Hungarian (Epronex-BSS Oil Team) 3:04:28
  2. Ádám Pápai, Hungarian (Epronex-BSS Oil Team) + 10 sec
  3. Gergő Gönczy, Hungarian (Epronex-BSS Oil Team) + 10 sec
  4. Stefan Nota, Slovakian (Spartak Tlmace) + 12 sec
  5. Alex Zeman, Slovakian (Mix Team Slovakia) + 12 sec
  6. Gergely Szarka, Hungarian (Epronex-BSS Oil Team) + 12 sec
  7. Lukas Heinrich, Czech (Team Forman Cinelli) + 12 sec
  8. Jakub Bittner, Czech (Team Forman Cinelli) + 12 sec
  9. Márk Zarhureczky, Hungarian (Gesu Bikewear) + 12 sec
  10. Stanislav Beres, Slovakian (Spartak Tlmace) + 12 sec


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