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Michael Anderson: this level is of the outmost importance for the continental and local teams

This year One Belt One Road – Hungary cycling race UCI judge will be Michael Anderson from Sweden.

Date: June 27, 2020
Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson soon came into contact with cycling as his brother raced while his father was head of the local club. After passing the judging exam, according to an expert in the field of track and para-cycling. He think the category .2 races are of extremely important for the development of cyclists in all countries.

Tell us a little about the man. What’s your story?

I have been into cycling since very early years, my older brother was racing and my father was head of the local club. Racing many years from youngest category up to Elite level. Than gradually growing into coaching, club leader and different elected positions regionally and nationally. Outside cyling I have been working in telekommunication with assignments all over the world, today through my own consultancy practice. I have been UCI International Commissaire for many years now, in road, track and today also in para-cycling.

Which problems have road cycling in general nowdays?

Let´s call it challenges instead of problems. Challenges are of course an inceraslingly difficult situation on the road for riders, more and heavier traffic makes the riders more vulnerable. We have seen several proriders involved in serious accidents during training over the last years. Another challenge for many organisers is of course the economy, lack of sponsors have seen several big races cancelled the last year(s). Finally the recruitment of young riders are challenging in most countries.

How do you prepare for a race?

I have contact with the organiser, go through all information concerning time schedules, course, participating teams. In the general preparation for all commissaires the most obvious is of course to keep updated in all parts of the regulation.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

Do you remember your first race?

I think my first race as an International commissaire was a race in Norway, at that time also a newcomer on the calendar.

One road, One Belt Hungary is a relatively new race. Where do you put this race on the Central European cycling map?

One Road, One Belt is a category .2 race on the European calendar. This level is of the outmost importance for the continental teams and especially the local regional and club teams. Without races on this level there will be no riders developing into higher level teams, ProTeam and WorldTour teams. Therefore I would put races like this as the most important races for the future growth and developing of European road cycling.

How much do you know about Hungarian cyclingsport?

The riders I think of first is still the big Bodrogi, on the very highest level in international cycling. Today I think Hungarian cycling is a bit like cycling in my home country, Sweden. Not so many international top riders as we would love to have and therefore probably not the level of attention in media we strive for and therfore problems to attract sponsors.

What do you think about Hungary?

Cycling is a truly international sport and in all races I have been to over the years I met people from different countries with the same passion and the same dedication for one thing, cycling. Therefore it will be a pleasure for me coming back to Hungary and meet old and new friends from Hungary and from other countries.